Friday 1st July 2011

The tolerance paradox arises from a problem that a tolerant person might be antagonistic toward intolerance, hence intolerant of it. The tolerant individual would then be by definition intolerant of intolerance. This problem is at the heart of the dilemma faced by pluralist societies who wish to embrace diversity, but in doing so ostensibly exclude those who do not embrace diversity, which includes a large portion of the world’s population.

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Thursday 30th June 2011
Wednesday 20th April 2011

"The Body of Chris" (2006)Starring newcomer Chris Varney and his well-sculpted body. He and Mrs. Varney, a petite beauty, love each other on two beaches and in a pool.

"Round Yon Virgin" (2006) — The raven-haired Louisa Flagler and her well-endowed new husband consummate their marriage in a Jacuzzi, losing their virginity together.

"Rod Is the Answer" (2005) —  
Christian Porn ironman Rod Parker’s most memorable film. Known for their marathon sessions, the Parkers perform in the shower, the kitchen, the garage, and practically every room in the house. Follow-up to the  break-through “In Rod We Trust” (2005).

"Oh, Come, All Ye Faithful" (2004) —
Californians Jodi and Michael Connor follow Sunday service with a love-making session, inspired by their reverend’s words regarding the value of human touch.”

I am in absolute hysterics.

Tuesday 19th April 2011

Hello. My name is GAR and sometimes I make pointless videos.

Monday 18th April 2011

This imagery is bullshit in so many ways. I’m certainly not defending Christianity or nuns, because shit, we all know how much I hate Christianity, but the artist failed in so many ways with this piece: he/she drew a fucking hijab, not a burka.

Derp, much?

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Sunday 17th April 2011

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m actually appreciative of the WBC, abeit only to a certain extent. For the majority of you reading this, you have probably already exclaimed, “What the fuck?” and rightly so too. However, one must understand the reasons behind this analysis, so allow me to explain.

Whenever I visit pages of support for the WBC, naturally 99.9% of the content is hate, not just from the WBC themselves, but from the Christians and Catholics whom are against everything that they stand for. Now, I find this to be incredibly ironic for a variety of reasons, but primarily because (according to the majority Christians and Catholics) you are supposed to actively practice forgiveness and love everyone, so whilst they may claim they are merely simply fighting on behalf of the homosexuals and various other individuals targeted by the WBC, they are contradicting themselves by default, because not only does their holy scripture preach that homosexuality is a sin, (which at least the WBC has the balls to be honest about), but by directing hatred towards the WBC these self-proclaimed followers of Jesus and his word are also hating fellow man. (Considering many Christians/Catholics regularly attempt to take the moral highground by implying that they are a ‘better person’ because they ‘love everyone’ and ‘practice forgiveness’, this whole concept of religion vs. religion just pisses me off. Surely this is all just incredibly flawed and backwards?)

The WBC are disgusting individuals, let’s not overlook this, however, over time I’ve noticed that some of their arguments against Christians and Catholics are almost identical to my own. Every time I see a message from a Christian or Catholic to the WBC exclaiming that they are ‘wrong’, or that ‘God loves everyone’, I find myself wanting to punch said Christian/Catholic in the face more-so than I do the WBC themselves. Who on earth are these Christians/Catholics to say that they are right, and the WBC is wrong in what they are teaching? If anything the Bible supports the movement of the WBC far more than these half-arsed Christians whom probably haven’t even taken the time to read the Old Testament.

Whilst I do hate the WBC passionately, I’m finding myself more frustrated by the ignorance and hypocrisy of their religious ‘haters’ above anything. Whether you like it or not, (Christians/Catholics), your God is a hateful one, he is jealous, he does condemn both men and women for being homosexual, he does endorse sexism, slavery and child abuse, so before you grow a pair of bull-horns and get your knickers so twisted that you can’t even see straight, I suggest you grow a fucking brain first.

As long as evangelical/fundamentalist Christianity/Catholicism exists, I will be grateful that the WBC exists, because they are living proof of how backwards religion is, and what it is capable of doing to perfectly normal individuals.

Sunday 17th April 2011

So it’s officially Palm Sunday and Holy Week / Lent. Usually I completely ignore religious events, besides the primary ones such as Easter and Christmas, but for Lent I decided to do extra things, as opposed to ‘giving up’ certain aspects of my life. I’ll probably be eating more chocolate, or maybe indulging in some online shopping.

What will you be doing for Lent, if anything?